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Over 50 years shaping Australia's workplace safety sector.

ASSA is one part of a family-owned business with over 50 years shaping Australia's workplace safety sector.

For years, our family's company specialised in industrial signage and grew to become one of the largest and most trusted partners for meeting signage obligations.

In 1999, ASSA was established. Our game-changing compliance management system is the culmination of our expertise and the perfect complement to our origins in signage.

Since then, ASSA has grown into Australia's leading Workplace Health & Safety Compliance Solution.  Our suite of tools, resources and services have taken the hassle out of WHS/OHS compliances for thousands of Australian and New Zealand businesses and we're incredibly proud of our work with them.

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We Support a Culture Where:

Individuals are empowered to act and are accountable for their actions.

Employees conduct themselves with uncompromising integrity at all times.

Positive, mutually beneficial relationships are maintained with one another, both internally and externally.

  • Janette Crowhurst

    "Our company has utilised the services of Advanced Safety Systems Australia (ASSA) for a period of six years. During this time ASSA have helped us develop the systems required to work safely and within legislation. As we did not have to develop these, it gave us time to do the things we do best. The newsletters were also a good read during Tool Box meetings, informing staff of changes and rulings that had been enforced."

    %STARTWHITESPAN%Administration Manager/Director,%ENDSPAN% Crowhurst Engineering
  • Scott Ware

    "I would have no issues recommending ASSA to other businesses and in fact have already done so."

    %STARTWHITESPAN%Managing Director,%ENDSPAN% All Covers Roofing Service Pty Ltd
  • Fran Unthank

    "We have been members of the ASSA System for several years now, and use the templates and forms on a regular basis. In our line of work - service and maintenance of commercial and industrial air conditioning systems, we must provide our clients with up to date Safe Work Method Statements and Safe Work Procedures for each job that we carry out.

    All of ASSA's documentation is of the highest standard, so I know I can issue documents under our name with the assurance required by some of the biggest names in our industry.

    I have not had to contact the ASSA team very often as the system is so comprehensive, but of the times I have contacted the team, the service has been fantastic. ASSA researched my questions and provided satisfactory responses each time."

    HVAC Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Troy Redden

    "In the 6 months we have been using the ASSA system, we have secured multiple jobs and contracts with major building companies. I would highly recommend ASSA services to any other company looking to get ahead of the competition."

    %STARTWHITESPAN%Director,%ENDSPAN% On Point Utility Locating Pty Ltd
  • Ray Fellows

    "The ASSA System of Compliance is second to none. It has made our business not only compliant, but safe for everyone involved. The ASSA system helps our business be as professional and up to date as possible in this complicated world, especially now with COVD 19. This product is essential for any business.

    I cannot recommend the staff, namely Andrew and Maria of ASSA, any higher. They checked, re-checked, monitored and patiently explained everything to me. I am 60 years old and ASSA’s system is easy to use."

    %STARTWHITESPAN%Director, %ENDSPAN%Rosebud Plaster Pty Ltd


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