Training and
Induction Courses

Simplify onboarding with access to training and induction courses mandated for workplace safety.

Policies & Procedures

Gain an understanding of compliance law and policy with our up-to-date overviews.

Fast-Tracked Accreditation

Complete and submit ISO, ASNZ & CM3 accreditation applications in record time.

SWMS Writing Service

Save a huge amount of time with our custom safe work method statement writing services.

Fair Work

Stay compliant with a comprehensive set of specialised tools for meeting Fair Work Australia's compulsory requirements.

Task Management

Stay on top of compliance with smart task management, designed with built-in audit trail for complete transparency.

Document Management

Stay organised with secure, cloud-based and version controlled document storage. 

Resource Kit

Get unlimited use of hundreds of templates, permit application forms, worksheets, checklists, reporting forms and so much more.

Internal Chat Function

Keep your team on the same page with My Team Chat.

Live Updates

Our compliance specialists are continually monitoring changes to legislation and updating ASSA resources to ensure ongoing compliance.

Tailored Subscriptions.

Choose from three subscription tiers, tailored to the stage and size of your business.
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